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How you can have a German conversation from day one.


Even if you only know a few words of German, it is possible to have a conversation in German while using almost no English in order to

communicate with the other person.  Given that the basic buidling blocks of a language are its words, all you need to be able to do is find a partner with some knowledge of English and discover the building blocks of German: enter the conversational toolbox, consisting of easy-to-remember useful phrases that you can employ every time you're stuck.






Ich verstehe nicht – I don’t understand


Kannst du das bitte wiederholen? – Can you please repeat that?


Was ist das? – what is that?


Wie sagt man or wie heißt ________ auf Deutsch/Englisch? - How do you say ________ in German/English?

Soak your brain in some German - even if you don't fully understand what people are saying.

Get your brain used to the sounds of spoken German by watching entertaining TV shows. Below are a few I'd recommend.


Biene Maja

Recommended Grammar resource:

Schaum's German Grammar, Fifth edition

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