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Learning a language can be hard work, but challenging yourself is the best way to learn anything. There is no single thing you can do in isolation that will help you learn a language; watching foreign films, TV shows, newscasts, soaking your brain in the sounds of the language, reading magazine articles, learning about the structure of the language and absorbing its vocabulary: all of this matters and all of these options will be exhausted.

Our mission can be anything YOU want it to be: whether you're learning German to gain accreditation, for business, for an overseas trip or because you simply want to have fun learning something completely new.

Who should apply?

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or almost fluent, my lessons cater to all levels of ability.


My name is Andrew and I am a native speaker of German. I have a grounding in linguistics and considerable years of experience in one-on-one tutoring under my belt.


Andrew has been extremely helpful in teaching me German. He comes prepared each and every lesson and is able to identify weaknesses and strengths and adjust lessons accordingly whilst maintaining a relaxed and very comfortable atmosphere.


Rick F.


Organised, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable!


Amelia H.


Andrew has clearly explained concepts and is very well prepared for efficient lessons each week.

Ben S.


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