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German Intro Quiz

You may know more than you think you do

Choose either a, b or c for each of the following questions.


  1. When someone says “Gute Nacht!” to you, they are wishing you a…


   a) …healthy gut

   b) …swift recovery

   c) …good night



  2. The useful question “Was ist das?” translates to:


   a) “Was it me?”

   b) “What is that?”

   c) “Whose is that?”



  3. Continue the sequence: eins, zwei, drei, …


   a) …vier, fünf, sechs

   b)…sieben, acht, neun

   c)…zehn, elf, zwölf


  4. When a meteorologist says “es ist kalt und windig”, they mean that it’s…


   a)…warm and sunny

   b)…cold and windy

   c)…cool and wet



  5. Which of the following sets of words lists the members of a family?


   a) Schwester, Bruder, Mutter

   b) Schweizer, Deutscher, Österreicher

   c) Klempner, Bäcker, Maler



  6. What does “Wir haben einen Ball” mean?


  a) “We are having a great time”

  b) “We have a ball”

  c) “We habitually lose our balance”



  7. When someone says “Ich bin 25 Jahre alt”, they are expressing…


   a)…their availability

   b)…how many jars they threw out

   c)…their age


  8. Which of the following is the German word for German?


   a) Germanisch

   b) Deutsch

   c) Dutch



  9. “Kalb”, “Lamm” and “Kätzchen” are all examples of…


   a) …young animals

   b) …professions

   c)…school subjects




  10. Which day of the week is Montag?


   a) Sunday

   b) Monday

   c) Tuesday

How do you think you went? 1.c 2.b 3.a 4.b 5.a 6.b 7.c 8.b 9.a 10. b If you scored between 0 and 5, you may not be ready to tackle this challenging language. If you scored between 6 and 8, it suggests you have potential. If you scored 9, there’s a good chance you’ve already been learning the language for a while. If you scored 10, you may be fluent already!

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